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Learn more about the latest development in the fields of indoor positioning, indoor navigation and indoor tracking.


Indoor Navigation for Helios Clinic Erfurt

The Helios Navi helps visitors and patients at the Helios Clinic in Erfurt to find the easiest and fastest way to their destination.


Brand New White Paper on Indoor Positioning

The infsoft white paper is aimed to help you find a way through the complex topic of indoor positioning and related services.


Indoor SDKs by infsoft – Implement our IPS Technology Easily

The infsoft developer portal includes the infsoft indoor SDKs (software development kits) and the possibility to test our tools free of charge.


Asset Tracking and Analytics: Hardware for Indoor Tracking

Indoor Tracking, that is locating persons and objects inside buildings, is in high demand. There are multiple application scenarios.


Smart Connected Locations – How infsoft Makes Location Based Data Valuable by Connecting Them

“smart connected locations” is infsoft’s guiding principle and at the same time the name of our platform, which collects, integrates, connects, prepares and provides location based data.


Digital Services in Shopping Centers Are Highly Requested

A recent study shows: digital services such as mobile navigation are much sought after by clients of shopping centers.


Indoor Navigation and Location-Based Services for Office and Industry

Indoor navigation and location-based services for office and industry - read our use case!


Location-Based Services and Indoor Navigation in Railway Stations

Location-based services and indoor navigation in railway stations - solutions by infsoft.


Location-Based Services and Indoor Navigation in Airports

Learn more about location-based services and indoor navigation in airports - solutions by infsoft.


Indoor Navigation and Location-Based Services for Shopping Centers

Indoor navigation and location-based services for shopping centers - read our blog post!