Indoor Navigation and Location-Based Services for Shopping Centers

infsoft solutions can offer operators, shops and customers real value added.

Going to a mall is a great experience. There is a large and immediately available selection of goods, very good advice and always a nice café or restaurant to take a break. In summary, shopping in a mall is great fun. It is in the interest of shops and operators that customers discover new and relevant stores and restaurants.

infsoft solutions can offer operators, shops and customers real value added. A good mall navigation app improves the shopping experience and increases revenues. Location analytics provide reliable data concerning visitor flows in the building.


Shopping center apps improve shopping experience. Its functionality is not limited to display the latest offers and a list of shops and points of interest. It can also guide customers there – if you wish even with means of augmented reality. Additionally, it can recommend offers that might be interesting for them – based on previous stays or purchases.


For mall operators it is important to know your customers are happy – because happy clients will stay in the mall for longer and visit more stores and restaurants. A mall navigation app with indoor positioning can help them have a better shopping experience – with the help of routing or location-based marketing. For example, a customer who is near a clothing store can be sent an offer or a coupon to his smartphone. This kind of information is customized and offers him individual added value instead of annoying him with unsuitable advertising.

Using indoor location analytics mall operators can measure and analyze visitor flows easily. And the security department can also take advantage: They can be sent a message when people enter restricted areas or when certain sectors are overcrowded. Privacy and data protection are taken care of. Shop owners can sponsor the app and thereby co-finance it.


Shop owners can easily learn a lot about their clients: How many visitors are near my store at a certain time, how many enter it? How do they move inside? Additionally they can do precisely targeted location-based marketing: For example purchasing incentives can be sent on the smartphones of a selected group.

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