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Indoor Navigation and Location-Based Services for Trade Fairs

Have you ever wandered through an exhibition, studying a heavy catalogue, looking for interesting exhibitors? Or for a cash machine, the wardrobe, the right car park? Perhaps you as an exhibitor had too little or not so interested visitors at your exhibition stand. Or perhaps you are a trade fair organizer who wants to assist exhibitors and visitors to take full advantage of their trade fair participation.

Modern indoor navigation solutions can solve these problems. A cross-channel trade fair solution provides added value to trade show organizers, exhibitors and visitors.

Advantages for trade show organizers

The aim of a trade show organizer is to create an attractive event both for visitors and exhibitors. A trade fair application makes information about exhibitors, services, public transport and framework programme available to visitors. Personalized content matches the right visitors and exhibitors. With infsoft’s Location Analytics you can analyze visitor flows. During and after the event you can get precise information about hot spots and the number of people in a certain hall or at a stand. The tool also gives you advice on how to optimize routes, for example when they are overcrowded.

Exhibitors can sponsor the app and thereby co-finance it.

Advantages for exhibitors

Of course exhibitors have the possibility to present themselves on the map of the area in the trade fair app, including pictures, contact data and description. Furthermore, they can use location-based marketing in order to get the attention of the matching visitors. The analysis of visitor flows makes it possible to choose the best stand position.

Advantages for trade fair visitors

Indoor positioning in exhibition halls helps visitors to find the way to certain stands. The app can be personalized, which means that exactly those stands can be highlighted on a map which are interesting for a visitor. Intermodal transport is also possible: Let the app show you the way from your home to the stand you want to see – you can even see arrival and departure times of environmentally friendly public transportation.


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