New Info Portal about Ultra-wideband

infsoft publishes a new info portal about indoor positioning with Ultra-wideband.

infsoft has published a new info portal about indoor positioning with Ultra-wideband.

Have you ever heard of Ultra-wideband? The close-range radio technology Ultra-wideband is increasingly used for indoor positioning. UWB is especially suitable for tracking and navigation in industrial plants, because high precision is required here: Ultra-wideband allows for 10 to 30 centimeter accuracy. In addition, it is less susceptible to interferences and thanks to a high sampling rate can accurately locate assets even if they move quickly. infsoft GmbH reacts with a new info portal to the increased demand.

The website / is available in German and English and explains the most important basics of the technology as well as possible applications. With UWB, both server-based and client-based installations can be realized.

An application example with client-based technology is the tracking and navigation of forklifts in large industrial areas. With server-based installations, for example, position determination and driving way analysis of goods and vehicles in a factory can be implemented. Learn more about the application examples.  

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Great introduction to the topic of indoor positioning

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