Indoor Positioning Using infsoft UWB Tags

infsoft UWB Tags are small modular components using Ultra-wideband (UWB) that enable tracking objects and vehicles indoors and are also suitable for analyzing walking routes. They are typically used in server-based procedures, which means that the position is determined on a server (cloud).

Functionality of infsoft UWB Tags

Infografik Serverseitige Vs Clientseitige Positionsbestimmung Uwb Tag Locator Node
infsoft infographic: server-based and client-based positioning with infsoft UWB Tags

infsoft UWB Tags can be used in different application scenarios. Ultra-wideband enables asset tracking in industrial environments with an accuracy of 10-30 cm.

Based on the Time Difference of Arrival (TDoA) method, the position of the UWB tag is determined using a measurement of time differences. The UWB tag sends signals to installed infsoft Locator Nodes 1100 in the environment. The distance between the tag and the Locator Nodes 1100 is calculated based on the signal run time. Since the distance between the Locator Nodes and the tag varies, the signal reaches each Locator Node at a different time. These time differences are the basis for the multilateration calculation used to determine the position of the UWB Tag. As a crucial factor, all Locator Nodes require direct line-of-sight, as they have to synchronize with each other.

The system can either be set up in a server-based (visualization of positioning data in the backend, no display on a client (smartphone)) or client-based approach (visualization of positioning data on a client (smartphone) and, if necessary, transmission to the backend).

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