Indoor Navigation & Services in Airports

In the complex building structures of an airport, it is not always easy to keep track. Different terminals, the fastest way to the right check-in counter, the right gate – infsoft solutions can help in the best possible preparation for business trips or family vacations. The focus here is not solely on indoor navigation within the airport. For example, current flight information can ensure planning security for passengers and reduce stress. Free time can then be better used, e.g. for shopping, relaxing or working. A smooth outward journey can also be planned efficiently with an airport app while using the various means of transport, public or otherwise.

Indoor Navigation & Passenger Services in the Terminal

With infsoft solutions, your customers can keep track even in complex airports. The navigation system inside the terminal displays the entire travel chain. Indoor navigation assists passengers starting with their arrival at a parking space or a public transport stop, to the check-in counter, on to the security checkpoints and then finally to the gate. All relevant POIs (points of interest) such as restrooms, ATMs, lounges, businesses or car rental agencies are provided on a digital map. The passenger sees his/her location as a blue point on the map and can be guided to various locations like a car's navigation system.

A smartphone app is just one option because the map material can also be integrated into a website as well as a touchscreen onsite (terminal solution/multitouch kiosk). Thus the trip can be planned across devices.

As an operator, you also benefit from detailed evaluations. Amongst other things, infsoft provides an automatic analysis of the waiting times at the security checkpoints and supports the help desk in passenger calls by transmitting their current position and displaying it within an interactive terminal map.

Retail Solutions for Airports

Retail Solutions for Airports

Most airports today are also large shopping centers. The digital strategies that are used in the retail industry are also of interest to airport operators and passengers. Most functions are location- and/or interest-based: For example, potential customers can be notified about businesses in their vicinity that correspond to their interests. In order to generate additional purchase incentives, customers can also be sent coupons directly to their smartphone via a push message.

The "Around me" function provides an overview of all stores in the user's environment. Detailed information such as logo, product line, opening times and contact options are available for all businesses. The online shops of third-party providers can also be easily integrated to enable shopping while on the go.

Using infsoft Indoor Location Analytics, detailed evaluations of visitor flows and walking routes can be performed. Here, the entire period of stay in the airport is recorded and mapped, compliant with data protection regulations. These analyses can be precise up to product level – exciting data for retailers and airport operators.

Parking and Arrival

Parking and Arrival

Traveling to the airport is often intermodal, i.e. passengers use different types of transport, e.g. cars, taxis, buses and trains to cover the various stages of the journey. The solutions from infsoft accompany the passenger the entire way and include current traffic information. When traveling by car, the app helps find the ideal parking space based on the departure, arrival as well as the trip duration. The traveler has the option to either select the gate directly or to specify the desired flight.

The system automatically recommends the best possible parking option, taking the current parking space situation into account. This means you can avoid capacity overloads and create additional control options. The user can save the position of their own car and navigate directly to the desired gate. With the Car Finder, this also means that getting back to your own car is no longer a problem. Users can also pay for their parking directly via the app using a mobile payment service.

Security & Indoor Tracking at Airports

Security & Indoor Tracking at Airports

infsoft Indoor Tracking offers much added value in the airport's security areas. The solutions support the control room with improved process coordination, such as by tracking security personnel. An alarm function informs the control room in the case of people entering non-public areas of the airport, or when the utilization at a security checkpoint exceeds a set value. infsoft Indoor Analytics constantly provides you with data on the movement profiles and capacities in the individual locations. Passengers can then receive current wait times based on this data and processes can be fully optimized.

The tracking of objects such as work equipment, vehicles and goods enables you to quickly locate these objects on the premises. In addition, it can also be used for anti-theft protection (using geofencing).

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Examples of Use:
Vehicle and Equipment Monitoring at an Airport
Passenger Flow and Wait Time Monitoring
Indoor Tracking of Tool Boxes in a Hangar

Technical Implementation

The existing technical infrastructure can directly be used in many cases. Depending on the requirement, the operator choses a client-based (app is necessary, positioning via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth beacons and sensor fusion, including a back channel) or a server-based solution (no app required; positioning via infsoft Locator Nodes; detection of Wi-Fi devices, Bluetooth beacons, Ultra-wideband or RFID modules; no back channel available). High-precision solutions with low latencies can be implemented on the basis of Ultra-wideband (UWB). The use of RFID is suitable for a point-specific object identification with high unit numbers.
Indoor navigation software by infsoft can be implemented in existing applications, websites and hospital information systems. The accuracy is – depending on the technical realization – up to ten centimeters or less.

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