Success Story University Hospital Basel

Indoor Navigation with the "USB Map" App

infsoft has developed the app "USB Map" for the University Hospital Basel. It provides a digital routing for mobile devices and helps patients, visitors and employees to quickly and easily find their way to an individually chosen destination on the premises. The app locates smartphones and tablets using approximately 2,500 beacons and sensor fusion. The interactive map includes points of interest such as sanitation, catering facilities, patient rooms, and treatment rooms. The app users are guided to these POIs via turn-by-turn navigation. This service offer not only improves the quality of stay in the clinic, but also has a positive impact on the organization of internal processes thanks to the integration of an employee function.

Success Story USB Map App

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Range of Functions

The interactive 2D / 3D maps depict the entire clinic. Via routing with multi-level support, the users reach their desired destination quickly and easily.

All service facilities, patient rooms, catering facilities and sanitary facilities of the University Hospital are shown in the app including detailed information and can be selected as a destination for indoor navigation.

The "Around me" function provides all interesting points of interest and facilities near the current user location, for example WCs, registration stations, waiting rooms etc.

The personal favorites list includes rooms and navigation destinations that the app user frequently needs.

The employee login includes additional navigation targets such as offices, treatment rooms and examination rooms as well as an overview of internal events and meetings.