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Indoor Tracking in Construction and Tunnels

Activities in the construction industry are regarded as particularly risky jobs, due to the high frequency of accidents. Constant changes in the working environment, high physical stress, unpredictable weather conditions and time and deadline pressures mean that employees in the construction industry and in tunnels are exposed to a higher accident and health risk compared with other industries. In addition, there are dangers associated with heavy equipment, dust and noise, especially during tunnel construction.

Application Scenarios

Indoor tracking can be used on construction sites and during the construction, maintenance and cleaning of tunnels. infsoft's tracking solutions provide real-time information on the locations of people, equipment and vehicles. This increases safety at workplaces on construction sites and in tunnels. At the same time, the applied technology can make work processes in the construction industry more efficient. The deployment of sensor technologies can further increase work safety.

Tracking Solutions

Tracking Solutions

  • real-time tracking of assets and people
  • reduced search times
  • theft protection

Process Optimization

Process Optimization

  • analysis of motion profiles
  • occupancy analysis of work equipment
  • efficient personnel deployment

Increased Safety

Increased Safety

  • securing of hazardous areas
  • condition monitoring (temperature, CO2)
  • reliable evacuation in case of emergency

Technical Implementation

Server-Based Positioning Using infsoft Locator Beacons

In the construction industry and in tunnels, most of the time server-based positioning projects are implemented. For this purpose, the signals of mobile transmitters are captured by fixed installed receiver hardware (infsoft Locator Beacons and infsoft Locator Nodes) and the determination of the position is performed in the backend. In most applications Bluetooth Low Energy beacons are used as transmitter hardware.

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