Indoor Navigation & Services in Railway Stations

Imagine a train journey with several changeovers. Sometimes not everything goes according to plan. Has there been a platform change or delay? Departure from platform 12. Or was it platform 21? Here, solutions by infsoft can help. By the means of indoor navigation, your clients find their way within the building faster. At any time they can access up-to-date arrival and departure times and receive a message in case of a change. An interactive map of the building shows all important points of interest such as cash machines, rest rooms and ticket counters and lets passengers navigate there. Merchants can present themselves in detail and display location-based ads. You as a station operator learn a lot about visitor flows in the building. Also, internal applications are in demand: With tracking solutions by infsoft it is always clear where employees, equipment, vehicles or goods are right now.

Indoor Navigation in Complex Railway Stations

You can make these passenger services available to your customers via smartphone app. Solutions by infsoft use for example Wi-Fi signals, Bluetooth low energy beacons and the sensors integrated in the smartphone for indoor positioning of mobile devices. Under these conditions indoor positioning is possible with an accuracy of a few meters and considering floor levels. The passenger app will be a reliable companion for your clients during the whole travel chain.

Features for Railway Stations

Indoor navigation & travel services

Indoor Navigation and Services in Railway Stations<

The navigation inside the station displays the entire travel chain. Starting from the journey to the station, through the right entrance to the ticket machine and then to the platform, the indoor navigation supports the user and offers additional value. All relevant POI such as bathrooms, ATMs, lounges or car rental services can be found quickly and easily.

By integrating the map data onto your home page, you can offer your customers clear advance information, which can be synchronized with the app. The map data can also be used with all relevant information as a terminal solution on-site.

As an operator, you also benefit from detailed evaluations. Amongst other things, infsoft provides an automatic analysis of the distribution of people in the platform areas and supports the help desk in passenger calls by transmitting their current position and displaying it within an interactive station map.

Retail Solutions for Railway Stations

Retail Solutions for Railway Stations

Large railway stations offer a lot of shops and services – in most cases on different floor levels. The digital strategies of the retail sector, for example location-based marketing and couponing, combined with indoor navigation, increases revenues and offers clients many advantages.

With location-based marketing, store owners can reach their target groups even better. Additional purchase incentives can be displayed via couponing and push notifications, dependent on the user's location and interests.

Within the app, all relevant shops on the travel chain's path are displayed. The “Around me” function provides an overview of all shops in the user's environment. Perfect for the waiting time.

Using infsoft Indoor Location Analytics, detailed evaluations of visitor flows are available. Here, the entire period of stay in the station is recorded and mapped, compliant with data protection regulations. The analysis can be specified down to product level – that way, interesting insights for management and marketing can be acquired.

Parking and Arrival

PParking and Arrival

A tight parking situation around the station should be familiar to many. infsoft solutions can help your customers to find their ideal parking space according to their travel data. Based on the selected platform or train, the system automatically recommends the best possible parking option taking the current parking space situation into account. This means you can avoid overloading and also receive an active control option via a data interface.

The user can save the position of their own car and navigate directly to their desired platform from there. This also means that getting back to your own car is no longer a problem, even after a long journey (car finder). You can also create additional transparency and an easy overview for your customers with an integrated fee calculator.

The system can also support the passenger during the whole intermodal arrival – no matter whether the traveler uses car, bike, car sharing, bus, train or a combination of them. Current delays are taken into account when calculating the journey.

teaser infsoft use case railway Examples of Use:
Maintenance Tracking of Rail Wagons
Measuring Utilization in Rail Traffic
Intermodal Travel Planning
Railway Train Tracking System

Technical Implementation

The existing technical infrastructure can directly be used in many cases. Depending on the requirement, the operator choses a client-based (app is necessary, positioning via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth beacons and sensor fusion, including a back channel) or a server-based solution (no app required; positioning via infsoft Locator Nodes; detection of Wi-Fi devices, Bluetooth beacons, Ultra-wideband or RFID modules; no back channel available). High-precision solutions with low latencies can be implemented on the basis of Ultra-wideband (UWB). The use of RFID is suitable for a point-specific object identification with high unit numbers.
Indoor navigation software by infsoft can be implemented in existing applications, websites and hospital information systems. The accuracy is – depending on the technical realization – up to ten centimeters or less.

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