Solutions for Real-Time Locating Systems


Use Cases

by infsoft


Coordination of Security Forces at the Airport

A tracking solution in airports ensures that, in the event of a security problem, police and security personnel will arrive promptly at the scene.


Automated Workflow Management for Security Personnel

Automated, geo-based assignment of tasks to security personnel enables employees to quickly locate and resolve problems.


Tracking Visitor Flows in Stadiums

By tracking visitor flows in stadiums (for sports and other kinds of events), the security can be increased and the overall visitor experience can be improved.


Mobile Access Control System for Office Buildings

The access to areas and rooms in office buildings can be managed reliably using a mobile access control system.


Investigation and Prevention of Criminal Offences at ATMs

A tracking solution and machine learning can solve and prevent crimes at ATMs.


Prevention and Investigation of Vandalism

This case study by infsoft describes the use of a Wi-Fi tracking system for investigation and prevention of vandalism.


Indoor Navigation and Tracking of Security Guards

Indoor navigation and tracking ensure the safety of a large area and the smooth running of the security service.


Indoor Tracking of Visitor Flows in Factory Sites

This use case by infsoft describes an indoor tracking system at an airport which delivers real-time location information about equipment.


Investigation of Bicycle Theft

In the Belgian city of Mechelen, many bicycles are stolen. The police there sought a solution to retrieve the bicycles, to convict the perpetrators and to reduce the number of thefts in the long run.