Solutions for Real-Time Locating Systems


Use Cases

by infsoft


Location Tracking and Contact Tracing During the Spread of COVID-19

infsoft has developed a solution that addresses the unique problems presented by the coronavirus pandemic and helps safeguard employees and businesses.


Improved Emergency Management for Operational Forces

A tracking solution helps emergency responders to indicate hazards in unknown terrain and thus facilitates the strategic assessment of the risk situation for arriving forces.


Tracking and Analysis of Emergency Drills

By tracking emergency forces during their exercises, safety and efficiency can be improved in actual emergency situations.


Tracking of Emergency Services During Training Exercises

This use case by infsoft describes how a tracking system contributes to an increased security of the participants during fire brigade exercises.


Enhanced Safety on a Motocross Track

This use case by infsoft illustrates how a tracking system on a motocross track increases safety for the riders and helps operators to reduce costs.


Patient Wandering System for Dementia Sufferers in Nursing Homes

This use case by infsoft shows how a tracking solution helps to guarantee the freedom of movement and the safety of dementia patients.


Management and Tracking of External Employees

Large companies generally award a large number of contracts to external partners. Cooperation with external companies presents both security and accounting challenges for companies.


Workplace Safety and Health Management in an Industrial Complex

This use case by infsoft describes how a monitoring and tracking solution can ensure workplace health and safety.


Indoor Navigation and Monitoring in the Substation

Substations are an important component of the power grid and their regular maintenance maintains grid stability in Germany. At regular intervals, technicians must check the condition of the systems and replace components if necessary.


An Emergency Call System for Elderly People in Nursing Homes

With the help of an indoor positioning system (IPS) it is possible to locate persons in a nursing facility and increase their safety.