Solutions for Real-Time Locating Systems


Use Cases

by infsoft


Mobile Services for Stadium Visitors

At major sports events, the recording of visitor flows contributes to a more effective utilization of concession stands and an improved visitor experience.


Tracking Visitor Flows in Stadiums

By tracking visitor flows in stadiums (for sports and other kinds of events), the security can be increased and the overall visitor experience can be improved.


Enhanced Safety on a Motocross Track

This use case by infsoft illustrates how a tracking system on a motocross track increases safety for the riders and helps operators to reduce costs.


Waiting Time Management and Kid Finder in the Amusement Park

The main advantage of location solutions in amusement parks is queue management. For many people, the long waiting times at roller coasters, toilets and restaurants are the biggest deterrent that keeps them from visiting amusement parks more often, especially during peak holiday periods.


Indoor Navigation and Staff Tracking at a Trade Fair

This use case describes the implementation of an indoor navigation and tracking solution at a trade fair.