Solutions for Real-Time Locating Systems


Use Cases

by infsoft


Cold Chain Monitoring in Food Logistics

A smart tracking and condition monitoring system can help efficiently manage the storage, shipment, and distribution of products that need a temperature-controlled environment.


Condition Monitoring During Cheese Ripening

A condition monitoring system ensures optimal environmental conditions for cheese ripening.


Mobile Services for the Christmas Sales

A mobile app for visitors in a shopping centre offers an overview of the locations of the shops and gives the customer an insight into current offers.


Mobile App and Indoor Navigation for Supermarkets

An app for customers and an indoor navigation solution for supermarkets improve the shopping experience and increase customer engagement.


Machine Learning in Shopping Centers

Applying Machine Learning to shopping centers allows a precise forecast of the number of visitors that can be expected. On that basis, advertising spaces can be priced accurately.


Enhancing Customer Experience Using Service Robots in Retail

This use case by infsoft describes the use of a service robot in retail, which adds value to the smooth customer journey.


Temperature Monitoring of Food in a Warehouse

The use of Indoor Tracking enables the temperature, pressure, humidity and shelf life of foodstuffs to be monitored more closely during storage.


Indoor Navigation and Persons Tracking in the Shopping Mall

Visitors of a shopping centre can navigate to certain shops, restaurants etc. by Indoor Navigation and parents can locate their children with a bracelet so that they cannot get lost.


Analysis of Consumer Behavior in a Supermarket

In a supermarket, the customers' movements are analyzed in order to gain insight into their habits and their buying behavior.