Solutions for Real-Time Locating Systems


Use Cases

by infsoft


Coordination of Security Forces at the Airport

A tracking solution in airports ensures that, in the event of a security problem, police and security personnel will arrive promptly at the scene.


Cart and Wheelchair Tracking at an Airport

At an airport, a tracking solution can help visualize and actively monitor asset locations, increasing passenger satisfaction while improving staff efficiency.


Indoor Tracking of Tool Boxes in the Hangar

Maintenance work on aircraft and their components is important to keep the aircraft safe and ready for daily flight operations. Efficient solutions for maintenance work can significantly reduce downtimes.


Passenger Flow and Wait Time Monitoring at an Airport

This use case by infsoft describes a tracking solution at an airport that allows to understand how passengers move through the facility and predict waiting times.


Vehicle and Equipment Monitoring at an Airport

This use case by infsoft describes an indoor tracking system at an airport which delivers real-time location information about equipment.