Solutions for Real-Time Locating Systems


Use Cases

by infsoft


Mobile Nurse Call System in a Hospital

An advanced nurse call solution improves response times to critical patient events and ensures optimal patient care.


Indoor Navigation and Digital Signage in Hospitals

In hospitals, a wayfinding app and a digital signage solution advance the quality of patient experiences and improve facility navigation.


Patient Wandering System for Dementia Sufferers in Nursing Homes

This use case by infsoft shows how a tracking solution helps to guarantee the freedom of movement and the safety of dementia patients.


Tracking of Disposables in a Laboratory

This use case by infsoft illustrates the implementation of a passive RFID tracking system for intelligent inventory management.


Tracking Solution with Information Display for Hospital Beds

A tracking solution with E-Ink display ensures the proper condition of hospital beds, facilitates the work of hospital staff and enables a smooth process flow.


Patient Monitoring and Tracking in Hospitals

With the help of an Indoor Positioning System (IPS) a complete monitoring of the vital signs of a patient without data loss and additional set-up times can be guaranteed. This increases safety and ensures better patient and staff satisfaction.


Indoor Tracking of Patients in Hospitals

Using an indoor positioning system (IPS) and condition sensors, hospital staff can check whether bedridden patients are getting out of their sleeping position and leaving bed. In addition, the system offers the possibility of detecting a patient's fall and intervening immediately.


An Emergency Call System for Elderly People in Nursing Homes

With the help of an indoor positioning system (IPS) it is possible to locate persons in a nursing facility and increase their safety.


Asset Tracking and Indoor Navigation in a Clinic

A large clinical complex with several hundreds of thousands square meters has a lot of departments. Those departments on the one hand share certain medical equipment, for example a mobile X-ray machine. Indoor positioning services help to locate that medical equipment.


Monitoring and Asset Tracking in the Healthcare Sector

This use case shows you how you can locate and protect patients and employees in a clinic, and provides you with an intelligent asset management solution.