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Mobile Services for the Christmas Sales

A mobile app for visitors in a shopping centre offers an overview of the locations of the shops and gives the customer an insight into current offers.

At a glance
  • 2D/3D building maps
  • mobile app for visitors
  • client-side navigation within the shopping center
  • time-based triggering of media content & event notes

Problem Definition

Shopping centres are very well visited, especially in the pre-Christmas period. Many people are looking for a gift for their friends and relatives. They do this often under time pressure and it is very crowded especially on Saturdays. Particularly in this situation it is a nerve-wracking experience to find a certain shop and the best way to get there. Conventional information possibilities most of the time are just a little help when it comes to the most crowded days of Christmas shopping. Another problem is the personalization of advertisement. Especially in the run-up to Christmas there are a variety of ways to specifically address the customer and win him over for a specific offer Known advertising opportunities are not using this potential.


A mobile app provides visitors to the mall with all the information they need for a stress-free shopping experience. The app can be used to search for shops by theme, receive specific offers and navigate. During the Advent season, for example, daily offers can be presented to customers in a kind of Advent calendar. In this way, advertising can be carried out in line with the time and demand. During the week, it is aimed at working people who spend their lunch break in the shopping centre and at the weekend at families looking for Christmas presents for their relatives.

The customers can also be led directly to the shop where the offer of the day is located. The app suggests the ideal route to the selected shop and can also take accessibility into account. Users also find their Points of Interest (POIs) such as toilets, ATMs, parking lots and restaurants and are guided directly there via turn-by-turn navigation. This makes it easier for individuals to find their way around and leads to a more stress-free shopping experience for all customers. In addition, advertisements can also be marketed and distributed to interest groups.

Technical Implementation

Mobile Services for the Christmas Sales

The position is determined via a network of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons distributed evenly throughout the shopping centre. These emit signals from which the app installed on the user's smartphone calculates a position with an accuracy of 1-3 meters. The floor on which the device is located is also recorded. The user is guided to his destination via turn-by-turn navigation.

Current information’s, such as Advent calendar surprises, can be sent to the user's smartphone via an existing return channel, e.g. via push message.

In addition, the digital building map can be integrated into a digital signage system (multitouch kiosk/interactive terminal).

Optionally, the collected data can also be sent to the infsoft LocAware platform® for further intelligent processing.

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