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esri and infsoft Become Partners

With its latest partnership, infsoft has access to a world-leading GIS network: esri has 10 offices in the USA and a network of 80 international distributors with over 1 million users in 200 countries.
esri customers can now access the innovative infsoft Indoor Navigation and Positioning solutions all over the world. Our technology's indoor positioning data are therefore available in esri's GIS solutions. This enables completely new applications in the area of real estate and building management.

One initial result of this collaboration is a smartphone app for the participants in esri's international user conference in San Diego. This allows for indoor positioning and navigation based on infsoft technology. This prototype is part of a long-term initiative of esri, creating standards for indoor mapping and logistics.

More information: esri Blog 

About esri
esri is an international provider of geographic information systems (GIS), software and geo-data management. The company has over a million users in more than 350,000 organizations, which include the majority of US authorities in the fields of health, transport, forestry, schools, universities and other public institutions. Their annual turnover is estimated at 1.2 billion US dollars. The company's headquarters is in Redlands, California.

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