An Introduction to Indoor Positioning

Indoor positioning systems (IPS) enable locating the position of objects or people within buildings. Since GPS is unreliable in interior spaces because there is no visual contact with the GPS satellites, an IPS (indoor positioning system) must use other positioning methods. These include, for example, the common consumer standards Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), but also solutions based on Ultra-wideband (UWB) or passive RFID. infsoft’s systems are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The first and most important step in the implementation of locating systems is the selection of the positioning method and technology.

How Does Indoor Positioning Work?

When it comes to localization within buildings, a distinction can be made between client-based and server-based positioning. Client-based localization enables determining the position directly on the end user’s device (e. g. smartphone). In the case of server-based localization, positioning takes place on a server.

Infografik Vergleich Clientseitige Serverseitige Positionsbestimmung EN
infsoft infographic: client-based vs. server-based indoor positioning

Indoor Positioning
via Client

Client-based indoor positioning means that the position is determined directly via the end-user device.

Indoor Positioning
via Server

Here, the position is determined on a server (cloud-based infsoft LocAware platform®).

Now that you got to know the basics of indoor localization and found out what client-based and server-based indoor positioning means, you can discover the typical workflow for the realization of an indoor positioning project – from first meeting to proof of concept to system rollout.

teaser infsoft project procedure

Project Procedure

To give you an idea of the individual steps and the duration of a typical RTLS project, we have broken down a sample project into its individual components.

Related Materials on Indoor Positioning Systems

We at infsoft offer various services and publications related to indoor and outdoor positioning. Find the right product that matches your requirements, browse through our white paper documents, and get inspired by the numerous use cases that we are publishing regularly.

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Use Cases

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