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Being able to reliably determine the occupancy of areas inside a building can prove beneficial for managing busy environments such as offices much more efficiently. It is crucial for organizations to make good use of the available space, especially since office facilities represent one of the biggest cost factors for them. Using our infsoft Occupancy solution enables achieving a flexible, agile and space-efficient office portfolio in no time.

The solution relies on infsoft AI Occupancy Sensors for intelligent person and object detection, enabling a privacy-compliant evaluation of actual occupancy status, headcounts, and passive occupancies.

This product is based on the software solution infsoft Analytics.

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Workspace Occupancy Sensing

The occupancy and utilization of workspaces can be determined using infsoft AI Occupancy Sensors. Employees benefit from a Workplace Experience App, especially within the context of flexible office concepts.

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Conference Room Monitoring

The installation of infsoft AI Occupancy Sensors in conference rooms makes it possible to obtain reliable occupancy information, recognise changes and trigger no-show actions.

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Data Insights & Evaluations

infsoft Occupancy offers valuable data for analyzing if workspaces meet requirements and for optimizing office space utilization.

The collected data can be prepared and provided to various stakeholders in a target group-specific manner.
These user groups include, among others:


Employees are provided with a quick and reliable overview of the workplace and room resources that are currently available. The infsoft Workplace Experience App presents the information on a map with a wide range of additional information.

Area Management

infsoft Occupancy provides comprehensive reports and management summaries on specific aspects of the space portfolio. These include the number of meeting-, focus-, creative-, and collaboration rooms of appropriate sizes, the availability of rooms during defined time periods, utilization charts that highlight preferred rooms and room types, and the usage of shared desks, among other features.
The reports and dashboards can be customized and exported.

Service Providers

Based on usage intensities and occupancy information, infsoft Occupancy supports demand-oriented cleaning concepts and provides comprehensive visualizations and workflows, available in the infsoft Workplace Experience App with specific service provider access. Threshold values, category-specific requirements, and reports of users can be taken into account.

isometric infsoft Occupancy EN
infsoft infographic: occupancy analysis of workstations and meeting resources

Technical Implementation

infsoft AI Occupancy Sensors with an integrated optical sensor and a PIR module are installed on the ceilings. Depending on the room height and table layout, several workstations or seats within a conference room can be captured by one sensor. The sensor transfers the recorded images at regular intervals via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to the installed infsoft Locator Node Dongles, which transmits them to the infsoft LocAware platform® for analysis and evaluation. Only tags for the number of people and recognized objects are stored on the platform. The captured images are not saved and cannot be viewed by anyone.

Deployed Software

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