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Indoor tracking, also called indoor localization, refers to the localization of people and objects within buildings. It is a technical challenge because GPS does not work reliably indoors. For this reason, in most applications, we rely on Bluetooth Low Energy positioning using infsoft Locator Nodes or infsoft Locator Beacons – scalable infrastructure hardware specially developed by us. It is also possible to use Wi-Fi (accuracy of less than 15 meters) or Ultra-wideband (high-precision localization with low latencies) for localization. RFID enables selective object identification and is not suitable for comprehensive tracking. All solutions presented also work seamlessly under the open sky in case a roof does not uniformly cover the plant grounds.

Indoor tracking is typically implemented as a server-based application. No app is required because a backchannel to the object to be located is not necessary in most cases. Some cases use client-based positioning, e.g. when person tracking is part of an employee app. The position is then determined directly on the user’s smartphone and an app is required. A feedback channel is also available, for example, for sending push notifications.

Hardware for Asset and People Tracking

A tracking system uses infrastructure hardware, infsoft Locator Nodes and Locator Beacons, and suitable tag hardware carried by people or attached to the objects to be tracked. Tag hardware can include various forms of BLE beacons (e.g. coin beacons, wristbands, ISO cards or tags with E-Ink display), but also Wi-Fi or Ultra-wideband tags.

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Software for Asset and People Tracking

infsoft offers several web-based tools bundled in the infsoft LocAware platform® that allow, for example, to manage the digital map and check the status of infrastructure and tag hardware.

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Use Cases for Asset Tracking

The tracking of objects is in great demand, especially in industry, healthcare, and enterprise locations. It is often necessary to determine the current location and/or movements of work equipment or goods. The systems from infsoft always come with a software package that enables various applications. The basis is a detailed digital map that can be viewed on all (including mobile) devices, displaying the objects’ current position.

  • Locating forklifts, industrial trucks, robots, and other work equipment
  • Locating mobile goods such as pallets, production parts, and containers
  • Real-time information on the dynamic locations of work equipment and goods incl. visualization on the site map
  • Locating mobile medical devices such as transportable x-ray equipment, hospital beds, gas canisters, etc.
  • Notifying the control system regarding the unauthorized movement of goods (anti-theft protection)
  • Analyzing driving routes for defining process optimizations
  • Supporting facility management and third-party companies

Use Cases for People Tracking

Tracking people can be useful in many situations. On the one hand, safety aspects play a role, for example in the case of particularly endangered patients and the evacuation of employees on large company premises. On the other hand, it helps with optimizing work processes, e.g. when an employee needs to be located on an extensive area or when optimizing walking routes is the goal.

  • Locating patients in a hospital
  • Virtual waiting room / support of triage nurses
  • Checking whether or not the hygiene rules have been followed in a hospital
  • Locating persons for improved utilization planning
  • Safety applications: Registering and locating employees in case of evacuation
  • Analyzing walking routes for defining process optimizations
  • Supporting facility management and third-party companies

Implementation in infsoft Products

Locating objects and people is part of our products infsoft Lead Time Tracking, infsoft People Tracking and infsoft MedEquip Tracking.

Featured Image Lead Time Tracking

infsoft Lead Time Tracking

infsoft Lead Time Tracking

Our lead time tracking system is a powerful solution that monitors workflows and documents individual process steps.

featured image infsoft People Tracking

infsoft People Tracking

infsoft People Tracking

This product enables locating people in real time and tracking their movements. It can be used in a wide range of applications, enhancing safety and productivity.

featured image infsoft MedEquip Tracking

infsoft MedEquip Tracking

infsoft MedEquip Tracking

infsoft MedEquip Tracking helps medical facilities manage their mobile assets and provides visibility into the availability of medical equipment and hospital beds.

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