infsoft Maps Editor

The infsoft Maps Editor is your first step when setting up an indoor positioning system. You can create your location with just a few clicks and then easily manage it afterwards at any time. In the infsoft Maps Editor you can set up outlines of the building, rooms and custom patterns. The created location is used in all other georeferenced tools of infsoft.

Creation of indoor/outdoor maps

With the infsoft Maps Editor, blue prints can be easily adapted to the outline plan of any external provider. The floor plan on the different levels is projected as a separate layer onto the background map. By linking outdoor and indoor maps, all coordinates (areas, rooms, distances) on all floors are GPS-referenced and WGS84-compliant. The coordinates contain latitude, longitude and floor level.

infsoft Maps Editor: Creation of indoor/outdoor maps

Distance measurement & map alignment

Using the infsoft Maps Edtor, lengths (e.g. of room walls) can be measured quickly and precisely. With just one click, the map can then be aligned parallel to the horizontal map edge based on the selected line.

infsoft Maps Editor: Distance measurement & map alignment

Creation of room polygons

Person detection based on an infrared Based on the aligned map, areas and rooms can be defined as polygons using the corresponding drawing tool. These room polygons are stored in the database and are made available to all other tools of the LocAware platform®.

infsoft Maps Editor: Creation of room polygons

2D/3D maps with definable properties

Different properties (patterns) can be assigned to the defined areas and rooms. Patterns can include e.g. coloring, 2D/3D view behavior including different heights or the visualization in definable zoom levels.

infsoft Maps Editor: 2D/3D maps with definable properties

Integration with CAFM systems

The infsoft Maps Editor offers various integrations with third-party CAFM systems and can exchange information using the following data formats, for example: XML, SVG, JPG, PNG, PDF, GML, GeoJSON, DWG, DXF, Shapefile, IMDF

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