Accessibility & Authorization

The platform is accessible worldwide via a standard browser from a desktop or via an app on mobile devices. Within the LocAware platform®, the user has access to a variety of tools from the setup and administration of a real-time locating system to the processing and output of data.

Single Sign-On

All tools are bundled in the LocAware platform® and accessible via a standard browser with single sign-on.

Desktop application and mobile app

Generally, all applications are accessible via standard browser on desktops.

Using the LocAware App (mobile version), the tools within the platform can also be used on mobile devices.

infsoft LocAware platform® desktop version
infsoft LocAware platform app
infsoft LocAware platform® mobile app

Authentication of users and user groups

Users and user groups can be imported from existing directories (OAuth/SAML). Appropriate functions are natively implemented in the infsoft LocAware platform®.

The platform offers two ways of user login:

  • via user registration with email and password
  • via SAML/OAuth

With regard to onboarding and offboarding of platform users and to advanced security measures such as multifactor authentication, the use of an OAuth protocol is recommended.

User administration

The infsoft LocAware platform® provides an integrated user management including role and rights concept, which is mapped within “infsoft Users” and “infsoft Admin”.

Within the assigned tools, user views can be created with corresponding interactions that include restrictions (read-only, access only to selected functions).

Manage User View

Connection of the tools and interface to third party systems

The infsoft backend consists of numerous tools where data is exchanged via web services within the platform. Due to the web service based structure, the connection of external data sources is possible at any time.

All interactions and data processed by the tools and within the LocAware platform® can be easily queried via interfaces (bidirectional connection). Third-party solutions are also connected to and processed in the infsoft LocAware platform® via API.

Current interfaces
In projects numerous interfaces are used within the infsoft LocAware platform®, e.g:

  • MQTT
  • MFT (PeSIT, FTP/S, OFTP, SFTP, SCP, AS2 … protocols)
  • FTP data tranfser
  • REST/SOAP based webservices

Supported Protocols
infsoft supports the following protocols/interfaces out-of-the-box (without claiming completeness):

  • MQTT
  • Protocol Buffers
  • WebSockets

Individual interfaces are implemented via Azure Cloud Services to exchange data with other sources. Detailed information about the APIs is available here:

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