Smart E-Labeling


E-Ink displays are electronic screens that digitally display text and graphics. infsoft uses this low-energy technology combined with Bluetooth Low Energy to enable tracking of E-Ink components in addition to digital labeling.

The possible applications for infsoft E-Ink Display Beacons are numerous: available in various sizes (our range extends from 1.5 to 11.6 inches) and equipped with a multicolor LED indicator, they can be used for digital labeling of rooms, work areas, lockers, shelves, industrial containers, and much more. The displays are automatically updated with current real-time information.

LED Indicator (RGB)

Dynamic Real-Time Information (e.g., Room Occupancy)

infsoft e-ink display used for meeeting room signage

Three-Colored Display

QR Code Interaction

Hardware and Functionality

We distinguish between fixed E-Ink displays (infrastructure hardware, e.g. digital door signs or floor plans) and mobile E-Ink displays that are attached to assets to be tracked (tag hardware, e.g. digital labels for goods, devices, etc.). Positioning and dynamic labeling of the displays are provided in a server-based approach using a Bluetooth Low Energy gateway (infsoft Locator Node). The Locator Nodes may be supplemented by a network of infsoft Locator Beacons, especially if a system for asset tracking and/or indoor navigation is used simultaneously.

Infografik Informationsanzeige E-Ink Display Beacon Locator Node Dongle EN
infsoft infographic: information transfer using E-Ink display beacons


The infsoft E-Inks tool enables registration and management of all e-ink display beacons installed on site. In addition, you can check the battery status, select/modify the content of the display and apply firmware updates. infsoft Automation allows for automated content updates on the displays by defining appropriate conditions.

Use Cases

Fixed and mobile e-ink displays can be used beneficially in a variety of applications. Here are some examples:

infsoft 4.2" e-ink for room signage (tea corner)

Functional rooms

E-Ink displays can be used as digital door signs for functional and service rooms (e.g., tea kitchens, recreation rooms). Interaction with a QR code can enable issue reporting. This allows users to submit tickets within a Workplace Experience app – for example, for a repair order. Integration with appropriate third-party software, such as ServiceNow, is used for this purpose. Thanks to the QR code, the corresponding room number is automatically assigned to the ticket.

infsoft 7.5" e-ink for meeting room signage

Conference rooms

E-Ink displays can be used for efficient signage of conference rooms. Both the booking times of the meeting rooms and (when using appropriate sensor technology) the actual room occupancy can be displayed. Interfaces allow for information exchange with the room booking system. Additional information such as the room’s equipment and capacity can also be displayed. The interaction with a QR code can be used, for example, to book a room via a Workplace Experience app.

infsoft 7.5" e-ink meeting room
Digital door sign with QR code

Scan of QR code on digital door sign

infsoft Workplace Experience app: book a room
Room booking via Workplace Experience app

Room booking via Workplace Experience app

infsoft 2.9" E-Ink for digital labeling of lockers


E-Ink displays enable the implementation of a dynamic and flexible locker solution. In addition to displaying the name of the person who booked the locker and, if applicable, information about their presence, the LED indicator shows whether the locker is currently free or occupied. Through integration in a Workplace Experience app, users can find and reserve free lockers. Interaction with a QR code enables users to request a different locker location, for example.

infsoft 11.6" e-ink for digital information display (floor plan)

Floor plans

Thanks to the digital signage solution, building users have access to live information on every floor of a building. Within the floor plans, current meeting room occupancy information derived from infsoft Occupancy is dynamically displayed. Also, points of interest such as restrooms or security-relevant facilities can be highlighted. Using infsoft Automation, the display can provide important information situationally, for example in the event of a fire. A QR code can link to the room booking system.

infsoft 2.9" e-ink for digital labeling of industrial containers

Mobile assets

Especially in the field of logistics and industry, the automated, digital labeling of goods or containers helps accelerate and improve processes. The system allows for tracking and labeling of the assets to be tracked. Via an interface to the ERP system, containers and transported goods are assigned to each other. The E-Ink displays can show information such as the next target work step or work station. The current status/condition can also be displayed. In addition to industrial assets, E-Ink displays are suitable for labeling medical equipment and hospital beds.

Implementation in infsoft Products

Digital signage with e-ink display beacons is part of our products infsoft Room Signage, infsoft Lead Time Tracking, infsoft Occupancy, and infsoft Workplace Experience:

Featured Image Room Signage

infsoft Room Signage

infsoft Room Signage

This product is used for electronic room signage and can be used for lockers and floor plans in addition to meeting rooms and function rooms.

Featured Image Lead Time Tracking

infsoft Lead Time Tracking

infsoft Lead Time Tracking

Our lead time tracking system monitors workflows and documents individual process steps. infsoft E-Ink Display Beacons attached to mobile assets can be automatically labeled with individual information such as the current work step.

Featured Image infsoft Occupancy

infsoft Occupancy

infsoft Occupancy

infsoft Occupancy provides reliable utilization analysis of workstations and meeting rooms. The collected occupancy information can also be visualized on E-Ink displays.

Featured Image Workplace

infsoft Workplace Experience

infsoft Workplace Experience

QR codes displayed on the e-ink displays can link to a Workplace Experience app. Interaction options include room booking and issue reporting.

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