Sensors for Smart Condition Monitoring

Continuous real-time monitoring via condition sensing devices helps monitor processes and systems, improving availability and reliability. infsoft provides solutions using high-quality sensors for any requirement or application – from object detection to people counting up to energy savings and indoor air monitoring. Get to know different condition sensors and discover a variety of suitable applications.

Presence & Motion Monitoring

presence detection for people or objects

Environmental Monitoring

monitoring of the quality of the environment

Presence & Motion Monitoring

Reliable detection of the presence of persons or objects is key in realizing occupancy-adaptive systems in indoor spaces. Depending on the application, different technologies are suitable for presence monitoring.

Infrared thermopile sensors detect movement and assume presence based on radiant heat emitted by or reflected from objects. The sensor is able to detect moving and motionless objects as well as the direction of movements. This opens up opportunities for hot spot detection, people counting, ambient assisted living, energy savings, and much more.

Ultrasonic sensors detect people, objects or fill levels with great precision and over a wide range of distances, even in the presence of fog, dirt and dust. Possible applications include vehicle detection, factory automation, people counting, and fill level control.

Classic presence detectors based on passive infrared (PIR) detect physical presence indoors and are ideal for offices, public buildings, hallways, storage areas and washrooms. They are characterized by simple construction, low maintenance requirements, and a convincing price/performance ratio. One of the most common applications is presence-dependent and energy-saving lighting control.
The infsoft AI Occupancy Sensor is a more advanced version of the classic PIR sensor. The sensor’s integrated optical sensor and PIR module enable intelligent person and object detection, which uses artificial intelligence to analyze and evaluate the images the sensor triggers in accordance with data protection laws.

Motion sensors measure the motion, acceleration or vibration of a device or system. Among other things, they can be used for shock monitoring, occupancy sensing, and fall detection. Sometimes, motion sensors come as a built-in element of BLE beacons.

Magnetic door/window sensors register the status of a door or window (open/closed). They are mainly used for security purposes or head counts.

Using the web-based infsoft Sensors tool, you can reliably monitor the condition of machines and systems and display the sensor output signals.

Infrared Thermopile Sensor

Ultrasonic Sensor

Presence Detector (PIR)

Motion Sensor

Door/Window Sensor

Environmental Monitoring

Sensors for environmental monitoring enable sampling and analyzing specific data in order to characterize and monitor the quality of the environment. Continuous monitoring of critical values that need to be maintained contributes greatly to process security.

Using the sensors allows to prevent equipment failure or downtime, protect critical inventory and maintain food freshness and safety. Ideal environmental conditions can be ensured via remote monitoring of ambient temperature, humidity, illuminance, CO2 concentration, and air pressure.

Using the web-based infsoft Sensors tool, you can reliably monitor the quality of the environment and display the sensor output signals. infsoft Automation enables getting alerts for abnormal conditions.

Environment sensors are available in different options, e.g. as a stand-alone device or a built-in element in a BLE beacon (“sensor beacon“).





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