Scalability & Performance

Due to the hosting of the platform in MS Azure, the solution benefits from the geo-locations offered by MS Azure as well as geo-redundancy, scalability and load balancing. The system is therefore also protected against local disasters and its availability is guaranteed.

Hosting of the solution

The solution is hosted in the cloud administered by infsoft (MS Azure).

The operation of local server infrastructure and databases is not necessary. On-premise solutions are not offered by infsoft.

Scalability and geo-redundancy

The infsoft LocAware Platform® with all its services is geographically, vertically and horizontally scalable and provides automatic load balancing and upscaling as well as geo-redundancy due to its hosting in MS Azure.

Currently, the platform is hosted by default in Western Europe (Netherlands) and the USA (West Central). Additional data centers around the world are possible (MS Azure network).

world map showing locations of data centers for infsoft LocAware platform
MS Azure Regions

Disasters with impact on infrastructures

infsoft solutions are provided as SaaS. The infsoft LocAware platform® with all its services is offering automated load balancing and upscaling as well as geo-redundancy due to its hosting in MS Azure. Local disasters will not affect provided services.

MS Azure Dashboard | Geo-Replications

RTO, RPO and disaster recovery plans

Due to the hosting of the infsoft LocAware platform® in MS Azure, Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of maximum one business days and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of maximum one day are handled by MS Azure Recovery Manager. A disaster recovery plan with related procedures is in place from MS Azure by default.


Failover is guaranteed for at least 99.9 % of the operating time.

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