SDK for Indoor Navigation and Beyond

infsoft’s technology is also available as plugins for integration into third party apps. This means that existing applications can be upgraded with infsoft indoor positioning and indoor navigation. The SDK (Software Development Kit) is currently available for the Android and iOS mobile operating systems and as a HTML5 plugin. In addition to a native implementation, the use of frameworks such as PhoneGap or Xamarin is also possible.

The software development kit contains the following libraries:

Using the Maps Library, you can integrate interactive 2D/3D vector-based maps.

The map material can be zoomed in and out seamlessly and can cover all buildings and floors of a location. Configuration and adjustments are carried out via infsoft Maps Editor and infsoft CMS giving you a high flexibility in changing content and visualizations at any time. Making use of vector-based maps instead of raster maps eliminates loading times and offers offline-capabilities with light data sets.

The infsoft Locator Library enables indoor and outdoor positioning. Along with GPSWi-Fi and Bluetooth beaconsthe smartphone sensors are also used (barometer, accelerometer, magnetic field sensor, etc.). The system offers seamless indoor/outdoor positioning and provides a virtual GPS coordinate of the location (latitude, longitude, and building floor). The indoor positioning is set up via infsoft Calibration.

The Locator Library is available for Android and iOS operating systems.

Routing using start and destination parameters is realized via Routes Library. It offers contextual guidance with multi-stop support based on different roles (e.g. barrier-free guidance) and utilizes the information provided by infsoft RoutesTurn-by-turn instructions (automatically displayed and updated based on the user’s position provided by the Locator Library) allow an easy orientation and navigation. Linking the user’s position, the route is recalculated in case of route deviations. Other features such as voice output or haptic feedback for visually impaired people can also be linked to the class library.

Points of Interest are managed via GeoObjects Library allowing the visualization in maps, list views and detail entries.

The detailed pages of POIs can be managed via infsoft CMS and can display language instances along with different elements such as texts, opening times, images, videos, capacities etc.

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