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The ability to locate people in real time and track their movement activity can ensure safety and boost productivity in various applications. Unobtrusive Bluetooth Low Energy wearables coupled with low-maintenance infrastructure hardware work together to provide reliable people tracking capabilities – for workforces, patients, and visitors.

The system supports location and path tracking, people counting, and the monitoring of people density and dwell times. The wearable tags can even be configured for access control to protect specific areas or keep individuals safe. Whether it is an office building, a large industrial site or a hospital – infsoft People Tracking is designed to work reliably for any building layout.

The people location and movement history information are logged in our powerful software and can be reviewed and analyzed comfortably at any time via intuitive user interfaces. Our tracking system is easy to deploy and highly scalable.

people tracking in a building

Real-Time Localization

The system provides real-time visibility into the location and movement of people, powering a multitude of location-aware applications. Management can drive operational efficiencies, gain insights into space utilization, and enhance safety.

people tracking in industrial environments

Location-Based Actions

The system allows you to set up virtual zones, and trigger automated responses when a tracked tag enters, exits, or dwells within a defined area. For businesses, location-based order assignments can majorly contribute to efficient workflows.

Elderly Patient Walking Through Healthcare Facility

Safety and Security

The tags are equipped with a “panic button”, which can be used to request help immediately, sending an alert with the current position. In case of emergencies, knowing the location of affected individuals significantly reduces the necessary rescue time.

isometric infsoft people tracking in industrial facility
infsoft infographic: people location tracking

Technical Implementation

Every individual to be tracked wears a small rugged BLE wristband, which is used to identify their location in real time. infsoft Locator Beacons and infsoft Locator Node Dongles or infsoft Locator Nodes 1400 are installed at regular intervals throughout the facility.

The wristband receives Bluetooth signals from infsoft Locator Beacons installed in the monitored zones. The data is then forwarded to a Bluetooth gateway (infsoft Locator Node 1400 or infsoft Locator Node Dongle) and the infsoft LocAware platform®.

The beacon wristbands can be easily recharged overnight.

Infografik Echtzeittracking Beacon Armband Locator Node Dongle ohne Gliederung EN
infsoft infographic: real-time tracking with beacon wristbands

Deployed Software

Featured Image Software Tracking

infsoft Tracking

Featured Image Software Automation

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Impressions of infsoft People Tracking

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