infsoft CMS

The infsoft CMS is closely related to the infsoft Maps Editor and provides the information in list format. You can easily manage attributes for a large number of POI, set information for different menu items and handle data that are not necessarily geo-related. The data are synced with the infsoft Maps Editor and other tools of infsoft.

List display of data

The data from the infsoft Maps Editor is provided in the infsoft CMS in comfortable list views. This enables a quick overview of any missing attributes and rapid adjustment. The CMS also offers export and import functions, so that batch conversions and adaptations can also be carried out in third-party systems.

infsoft CMS: List display of data

POI management

All POI properties and locations can be accessed via the infsoft CMS. Changes in the different language instances are automatically synchronized with the infsoft Maps Editor. In addition to the administration of individual POIs, these can also be organized in hierarchical clusters (nomenclatures).

infsoft CMS: POI management

Editing of menu items

Menu structures of infsoft’s own applications such as customer-specific applications, terminal solutions or website integrations can be adapted at any time via the infsoft CMS. For example, you can use Main menu items can be aligned with time-dependent promotions (e. g. weekly market on a special day) or can be adjusted to special focal points. The infsoft CMS offers numerous forms of interaction and presentation that are supported by the respective applications.

infsoft CMS: Editing of menu items

Publishing of changes/updates

Changes made to POIs or menu items can be immediately pushed into the live systems on various end devices. No update via the App Store or similar is required. necessary. Content can be updated and exchanged at any time via an internal audit system. Updates within the applications are carried out automatically.

infsoft CMS: Publishing of changes/updates

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