infsoft Automation

infsoft Automation allows you to create geofences with different criteria within your location. Using this tool, you can define various (geo-based) triggers along the process chain in real time. You can, for example, create counts for specific hot spots or add tags to devices based on their behavior. The information is synced with other infsoft backend tools such as the Search-, Tracking-, and Analytics engine.

Definition of trigger areas

infsoft Automation allows the integration of different triggers, which can refer to geocoordinates. However, it is not absolutely necessary to have a corresponding location reference, so that actions are only possible on the basis of certain device properties. The platform abstracts from the data source and can, for example, visualize the position information from smartphone apps, detections by infsoft Locator Nodes (Wi-Fi, BLE, UWB etc.) or third-party systems such as Cisco, HP Aruba and Xirrus.

infsoft Automation: Definition of trigger areas

Conditions, actions & recurring tasks (IFTTT)

“If this, then that “(IFTTT) is the basis for many actions within infsoft Automation. The tool enables the definition of conditions and the resulting actions. Conditions can be linked to each other in any order and refer to surfaces, device properties, locator node data or freely configurable scripts. The actions derived from this can also be completely adapted to the customer’s needs.

infsoft Automation: Definition of trigger areas

Push notifications, emails & callback URLs

The actions resulting from its condition can be flexible. For example, a push message can be played back to the app user via a return channel (app) (e. g. geobased order management), an e-mail can be sent, or the call of third party systems can be initialized via Web Services (e. g. SAP/ERP applications).

infsoft Automation: Push notifications, emails & callback URLs

Connection to infsoft Analytics & infsoft Tracking

infsoft Automation is closely linked to infsoft Analytics and infsoft Tracking. Since all tools access the properties of a device, attributes that are assigned on the basis of infsoft Automation can also be called up in all other infsoft Applications. Using dashboards in indoor Analytics, for example, convenient filters can be set up that refer to properties (tags) from triggers.

Flexible Scripts

All conditions and actions can be generated via the infsoft Live Scripting Engine. All infsoft Web Services and libraries can be integrated Java-based and are therefore completely flexible. This allows a fast implementation of new processes and the adaptation of the graphical user interface based on logic blocks.

Introducing infsoft Automation

Product sheet infsoft Automation

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