Process Automation and Trigger Logics


Logics that refer to geodata or other triggers can lead to an optimization of operational workflows and processes. For this purpose, infsoft provides a comprehensive software solution that automates manual, repetitive, and complex processes. This results in increased process speed, minimized error sources, and reduced personnel workload.

Software for Process Automation

Using the infsoft Automation software tool allows the definition of various triggers along the process chain in order to simplify and accelerate workflows. For example, you can configure messages and tasks, trigger alerts, and protect assets or areas. Triggers can be defined with the greatest possible flexibility: They can reference location, time, a user, a device property, the status of hardware components, and more. It is also possible to freely interlink individual conditions.

In addition, third-party systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions can be connected bidirectionally via API interfaces. This allows data imports as well as automated actions in the ERP, such as deregistration of orders.

Important messages can be configured as push messages within the infsoft LocAware platform® (desktop/mobile). These messages are displayed in the Notification Center on the platform home screen.

infsoft Automation dashboard showing defintion of push action
infsoft Automation: definition of conditions and actions to be triggered

Definition of conditions and actions to be triggered

infsoft LocAware dashboard showing notification center
Message display in the Notification Center of the infsoft LocAware platform®

Triggering of the action (e.g. email/push notification)

Use Cases for Trigger Logics and the Automation of Processes

A definition of trigger logics is beneficial whenever processes need to be made visible, workflows need to be accelerated, and resource availability needs to be improved. The infsoft automation solutions are used for industrial processes and in the environment of various other industries (automotive, healthcare, office environments, etc.).

  • Automated status change of process steps (e.g., in production)
  • Battery monitoring and warning in case of critical state of charge
  • Notification of malfunctions and failures
  • Automatic assignment/modification of device properties
  • Automatic change of the displayed content of E-Ink displays
  • Setup of geofences, alerts upon entering/leaving the area (for theft protection or increased security of individuals)

Another example of leveraging infsoft Automation is the configuration of click interactions. In the healthcare sector, patients equipped with a beacon wristband can use the button to send a mobile emergency call, which is transmitted to medical personnel along with the patient’s current location. In offices, on the other hand, pressing a beacon’s button could be used to trigger the reordering of items such as everyday office consumables.

BLE Wristband B10
infsoft bluetooth beacon with button press event for reordering coffee

Implementation in infsoft Products

Process automation based on defined trigger logics is part of various infsoft products:

featured image infsoft room environment

infsoft Room Environment

infsoft Room Environment

As part of our room climate monitoring solution, automated notifications can be triggered when certain thresholds are exceeded.

Featured Image Room Signage

infsoft Room Signage

infsoft Room Signage

E-ink display beacons, which are used for electronic room signage among other things, can be automatically rewritten with new content.

Featured Image Lead Time Tracking

infsoft Lead Time Tracking

infsoft Lead Time Tracking

With our tracking system for lead times, orders can, for example, be automatically booked out if they have remained in a defined area for a certain period of time.

featured image infsoft People Tracking

infsoft People Tracking

infsoft People Tracking

Our people tracking system supports the setup of vírtual zones to protect areas or people. In addition, it is possible to realize location-based order assignments.

featured image infsoft MedEquip Tracking

infsoft MedEquip Tracking

infsoft MedEquip Tracking

Defining individual triggers and resulting actions allows processes in medical facilities to be automated and optimized.

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