infsoft Lead Time Tracking

With its lead time tracking system, infsoft has developed a powerful solution that monitors processes and documents each individual process step. The solution enables high process transparency, utilization optimization and adherence to delivery dates.

Depending on the industry, the concept of “lead times” can take on different forms. In logistics and manufacturing, the monitoring and optimization of lead times is pivotal to organizing all the processes along the supply chain. Knowing the precise lead time will allow you to commit to a specific delivery date. It is also key to prevent production line shortages. In healthcare, the application can help physicians and nurses reduce the amount of time and resources devoted to management purposes. Process tracking and automation can also be applied to various other sectors such as automotive, office, and retail.

infsoft Lead Time Tracking relies on cost-effective Locator Beacon hardware that is easy to install and easy to maintain. An interface to the in-house ERP software facilitates processes and automatically assigns asset details.

This product is based on the software solution infsoft Tracking.

managers analyzing tracking data

Asset Tracking

Mobile goods are tracked at relevant checkpoints. The current position and status can be viewed on a digital map. A dashboard displays dwell times at different process areas.

e-ink labeling of containers

Digital Labeling

infsoft E-Ink Display Beacons that are attached to the assets can be rewritten automatically with the current status and individual information such as instructions on the next work step.

geofencing in industry


Process steps or asset statuses can be automatically updated via infsoft Automation, e.g. if an asset enters or leaves a defined area or stays in a certain area for a specific amount of time.

isometric idle times logistics
infsoft infographic: lead time tracking

Technical Implementation

Bluetooth Low Energy beacons or beacons with a display medium (E-Ink Display Beacons) are attached to the assets to be tracked.

infsoft Locator Beacons and a small number of infsoft Locator Node Dongles or infsoft Locator Nodes 1400 are installed in the production area. The asset tags’ Bluetooth signals are received by the Locator Beacons and sent to the infsoft LocAware platform® via a Locator Node (Dongle).

Deployed Software

Featured Image Software Tracking

infsoft Tracking

Featured Image Software Automation

infsoft Automation

Featured Image Software E Inks

infsoft E-Inks


Impressions of infsoft Lead Time Tracking

Product sheet infsoft Lead Time Tracking

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