RTLS Solutions for Airports & Railway Stations

Indoor positioning offers mobile support for travellers at train stations and airports and guides them to the right place – hassle-free. infsoft technology can be used not only for indoor navigation and location-based services, but also for monitoring passenger flows or identifying busy and crowded areas. A tracking system can also be used to locate valuable goods and/or personnel and make a decisive contribution to optimizing work processes. Other possible applications include improved queue management, optimization of security guard routes or more efficient inventory management.

Application Scenarios

The use of indoor positioning systems provides the travelers with the most pleasant travel experience possible. At the same time, operators benefit from the insights gained through real-time tracking solutions and analysis functionalities.

Indoor Navigation and Mobile App

  • Points of Interest in digital map, turn-by-turn navigation
  • Additional functionalities (timetables, information about delays and more)
  • Location-based marketing

Tracking Solutions and Analyses

  • Real-time asset tracking
  • Analyses based on motion profiles of people and objects
  • Coordination of security personnel

Arrival and Parking Management

  • Support on intermodal journey
  • Assistance in finding a parking space on the basis of the current occupancy
  • Navigation back to the car

Technical Implementation

Infografik Clientseitige Positionsbestimmung Beacons
Client-Based Positioning with Beacons

In a client-based solution such as an indoor navigation, an app is necessary. The positioning will be realized via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and sensor fusion and the solution can include a back channel. Indoor navigation can also be implemented in existing applications, websites and kiosk systems.

Infografik Serverseitige Positionsbestimmung Locator Beacons
Server-Based Positioning Using infsoft Locator Beacons

For a server-based solution, which includes for example asset tracking, no app is required and the localization is realized via infsoft Locator Beacons and infsoft Locator Nodes that are able to detect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices as well as beacons.


We offer customized solutions as well as out-of-the box products for your indoor positioning project. Explore our products for airports and train stations – including implementation and cost examples.

Further Resources

If you would like to learn more about indoor positioning for travel and transportation, the following resources might be interesting.

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