infsoft Routes

The infsoft Routes Tool allows you to create and test contextual pathway-relations. You can evaluate the routing (e.g. barrier-free) over several floors and check the priorities of different navigation graphs. The used map material is provided by the infsoft Maps Editor.

Creation of route graphs

In infsoft Routes, drawing tools can be used to create paths, which are fundamental for the use of an indoor navigation solution. In the following, contexts can be assigned to these paths and route contexts can be evaluated.

infsoft Routes: Creation of route graphs

Contextual pathway-relations

The definition of path relationships for the navigation of users within the building levels is a feature of infsoft Routes. In addition to route weights, bi- and unidirectional path diagrams and connections between the floors, additional profile properties can be stored. This can include, for example, barrier-free routing with different gradings (wheelchair, luggage trolley, buggy).

infsoft Routes: Contextual pathway-relations

Inspection of valid start/finish route guidance

The created path contexts can be validated using infsoft Routes. Based on different start/finish constellations, the routing can be tested across storeys. Thanks to GPS referencing, all routes can be called up with distance information.

infsoft Routes: Inspection of valid start/finish route guidance

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