infsoft MedEquip Tracking

infsoft MedEquip Tracking supports healthcare facilities in managing their mobile assets. Locating objects of different sizes ranging from hospital beds to endoscopes is equally possible. Besides the position of the assets additional information can be stored. Furthermore, an automatic update of the status is possible. The user can view and evaluate all collected data in the dashboard in real-time and over time. This creates transparency regarding the availability of medical equipment and beds.

Moreover, the solution supports operators in improving process efficiency. Relevant processes can be automated by defining conditions and resulting actions. The conditions can be flexibly linked and combined with each other and can be customized to each customer’s individual requirements.

The position is generally determined via BLE beacons, which are attached to the assets. With modern beds, however, it is also possible to establish a connection to the software that is integrated in the bed. This allows the application to automatically display information such as to which height the bed is set or whether it is currently occupied.

MedEquip Tracking Localization

Device Localization

The solution enables reliable room- and area-accurate positioning of mobile medical equipment and hospital beds in healthcare facilities. The localization can be carried out seamlessly across all floors of the building.

MedEquip Tracking analyses

Process Management

By using infsoft Automation, individual triggers and resulting actions can be defined along the process chain. This enables the automation and optimization of processes.

MedEquip Tracking automation


In addition to location and status information, a dashboard provides the user with valuable insights into the utilization and usage of all assets. Grouping and filtering of object types is also possible.

infsoft infographic: infsoft MedEquip Tracking

Technical Implementation

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons attached to the assets send out signals that are received by infsoft Locator beacons mounted in the building. These signals are forwarded to an infsoft Locator Node Dongle or an infsoft Locator Node 1400 and sent to the infsoft LocAware platform®. This is where the position is determined and the data is intelligently processed.

In infsoft Tracking, the locations and motion profiles of assets are visualized. Furthermore, the use of infsoft Automation enables the definition of individual triggers.

Deployed Software

Featured Image Software Tracking

infsoft Tracking

Featured Image Software Automation

infsoft Automation

Impressions of infsoft MedEquip Tracking

Product sheet infsoft MedEquip Tracking

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