infsoft Workflow

infsoft Workflow enables the active planning, control, and logging of work-sharing processes within RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) projects. Using the tool, all tasks that have to be carried out with the execution of organizational procedures can be registered and structured. Additionally, it is always possible to store geo-information. infsoft Workflow pursues the goal of consistent process handling, a reduction in project times, and a high degree of process transparency. The flow of complex processes is simplified and automated, responsibilities can be easily defined.

Via an interface to infsoft Automationautomated geo-based tasks can be defined in the Workflow tool, for example, if a battery change is pending or a malfunction occurs with a hardware product.

The data from infsoft Workflow can also be used in third-party systems via Web Services.

Process planning & control

With the help of infsoft Workflow, tasks can be created, tracked, and managed. Individual work steps can be prioritized and coordinated in a targeted manner with comprehensive transparency. By assigning georeferenced data to each task, process flows can be optimized and carried out more efficiently. Adding/capturing a due date enables the documentation of arrears.

infsoft Workflow Manager dashboard
infsoft Workflow: Process planning & control

Document, data, and process management

A detailed description can be added to each task. The integration of documents (e.g. PDF or photo files) is also possible. Responsibilities can be easily defined via a drop-down menu and changed at any time. The start and end of processing are documented with just one click. Workflow users can view and comment on their team’s tasks. Task categories and fields can be created and changed according to a team’s needs.

infsoft Workflow Manager dashboard
infsoft Workflow: Document, data, and process management


An overview of all tasks can be displayed on a map of the location. The map has several zoom levels, and it is possible to switch between building levels. The status and description of individual tasks can be called up at any time. Using the integrated search function enables viewing location and details of selected tasks.

infsoft Workflow Manager dashboard
infsoft Workflow: Georeferencing

Operation status tracking & updating

The infsoft Workflow tool shows at a glance which operations have been created, are being processed, or have already been completed. Operation statuses can be changed effortlessly via drag and drop. A user icon reveals at a glance which operation is assigned to which user.

infsoft Workflow Manager dashboard
infsoft Workflow: Operation status tracking & updating

Report and analysis functions

Agile reporting capabilities provide meaningful real-time information about the progress of workflows and the performance of individual team members. Based on this data, actions can be taken to improve workflows and performance.

infsoft Workflow Manager dashboard
infsoft Workflow: Report and analysis functions

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