infsoft Workplace Experience

Diverse solutions and applications in intelligent offices lead to a more pleasant and productive working day for employees. From a business perspective, the main potential lies in saving costs and optimizing processes. In addition, it increases employee satisfaction and leads to higher productivity and lower fluctuation.

It is also possible to integrate the technology into existing applications via SDK (Software Development Kit). In the following, the possibilities that a digital employee app offers and how it can enrich everyday life in the company are described. In addition, the product infsoft Room Environment can be integrated into the app.

Deployed Software

Featured Image Software Maps editor

infsoft Maps Editor

Featured Image Software CMS

infsoft CMS

Featured Image Software Routes

infsoft Routes

Featured Image Software Calibration

infsoft Calibration

Featured Image Software Analytics

infsoft Analytics

Featured Image infsoft sensors

infsoft Sensors

Featured Image Software Automation

infsoft Automation

Featured Image Software Sdk

infsoft Software Development Kit (SDK)

Product sheet infsoft Workplace Experience

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