infsoft LocAware platform® – Maintainability

infsoft LocAware offers excellent uptime. Also, we can guarantee speed, accuracy, and productivity when releasing new features, enhancements, and fixes to our customers.


infsoft uses MS Azure Continuous Deployment to ensure that maintenance services and updates do not affect the functionality, availability, and performance of the solution.

Maintenance windows that would impact the availability of services and interfaces are proactively communicated to the customer in advance.

screen showing MS Azure deployment slots for infsoft LocAware platform
MS Azure dashboard: LocAware deployment slots


The infsoft LocAware platform® hosted on MS Azure offers uptime guarantees of 99.9%.

As a highly available system, it continues to operate even if critical components fail. MS Azure is extremely resilient, meaning it can easily handle failures without service interruptions or data loss.

Failure Scenarios

Due to the use of MS Azure Continuous Deployment and a division into staging and production environment, downtimes of infsoft instances can be excluded. Also, geo redundancy, automated load balancing and automatic upscaling ensure that local impact on individual Microsoft data centers is not an issue.

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