infsoft Web Services

The infsoft web services enable infsoft’s products to be adapted to different system environments. The technology allows fast and efficient data integration.

Client- and server-based data sources

As a central data hub, the infsoft LocAware platform® manages all position data, regardless of whether they originate from client-based positioning (via application) or from a server-based approach (e. g. based on infsoft Locator Nodes). The platform also abstracts from sensor technology such as Wi-FiBLEUWB etc. and can also integrate third-party systems such as Cisco, HP Aruba or Xirrus.

infsoft Web Services: Client- and server-based data sources

Configurable attributes (device properties)

Via interface to third-party systems (e.g. ERP), asset properties can be automatically updated and synchronized between systems. You can also easily link a data set to the physical tracking hardware based on an interface.

infsoft Web Services: Configurable attributes (device properties)

Data provision & integration via REST/SOAP interface

The infsoft LocAware platform® and its tools can integrate data from third-party systems and, apart from that, can provide raw information in the form of a web service within the scope of licensing. Depending on the project requirements, the data can include different properties. Below you will find an overview of the available API and methods.

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