Indoor Tracking and Services in the Automotive Industry

Especially with regard to the high-quality standards that are demanded in the production cycle, the automotive industry is highly advanced in the adoption of precision automation technology. In this context, the use of real-time location systems is becoming increasingly common in this industry. Dealerships and service centers can also benefit from indoor localization since it helps making the customer journey as pleasant as possible.

Application Scenarios

infsoft’s solutions span the entire automotive manufacturing chain. They may be used for vehicle identification and tracking, quality control in production or asset management. Car dealerships and service centers can optimize internal processes and customer experience by the use of an indoor positioning system.

Tracking of Assets and People

  • Real-time tracking of parts, tools, pallets, vehicles and employees
  • Localization across the entire value chain

Process Automation and Optimization

  • Automation through defining (geo-based) triggers
  • Optimization based on location and time related analyses

Improving Customer Experience

  • Mobile app for customers and employees
  • Display of the status during the repair or maintenance process
  • Analysis of motion profiles and dwell times

Technical Implementation

Infografik Clientseitige Positionsbestimmung Beacons
Client-Based Positioning with Beacons

For indoor navigation solutions, beacons are the most commonly applied technology. Easy installation and a long battery life are major advantages of this technology. With a smartphone app, employees can easily navigate to their desired destination and view their current position on a digital map.

Infografik Serverseitige Positionsbestimmung Locator Beacons
Server-Based Positioning Using infsoft Locator Beacons

For the implementation of a tracking solution, different tracking technologies can be applied depending on the particular use case. Factors that determine which technology is best suited in a particular application are the number of assets to be tracked, precision requirements and how fast the assets move. Bluetooth Low Energy in combination with infsoft Locator Beacons and Ultra-wideband (UWB) are technologies that are most frequently used in industrial environments.


We offer customized solutions as well as out-of-the box products for your indoor positioning project. Explore our products for the automotive industry – including implementation and cost examples.

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