Indoor Tracking and Services in the Automotive Industry

Especially with regard to the high-quality standards demanded in the production cycle, the automotive industry is highly advanced in the adoption of precision automation technology. In this context, the use of intelligent location tracking systems is becoming increasingly common in this industry.

infsoft’s solutions span the entire automotive manufacturing chain. They may be used for vehicle identification and tracking, quality control in production, or asset management. At car dealerships and service centers, the use of an RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) can also improve internal processes.

infsoft Tracking dashboard with automotive background

Component & Equipment Tracking

Indoor tracking of objects can reduce search times, document process steps, and ensure comprehensive management of tracked assets.

  • Tracking of components, tools, vehicles
  • Monitoring of throughput times
  • Localization along the entire value chain
infsoft Automation dashboard with automotive background

Automated Status Updates

Various triggers (e.g., location or time-based) ensure automated processes and more efficient operations. Bottlenecks can be identified, optimization potentials revealed, and decision-making improved.

  • Definition of trigger logics
  • Triggers with and without geo-reference
infsoft People Tracking dashboard with automotive background

Worker Safety & Automated Time Recording

The location and movements of employees in the automotive industry can be monitored with the help of a tracking system. This increases personnel safety and contributes to the organization of efficient processes.

  • Reliable people tracking in real time
  • Increased safety for employees
  • Automatic time recording in work areas

Use Cases for RTLS Solutions in the Automotive Industry

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