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With infsoft MedEquip Tracking, infsoft offers a solution that supports healthcare facilities in managing mobile assets and optimizing processes. In addition, the application helps to reduce search times, view the utilization of individual devices, and make data-driven decisions.

Equipment Tracking in Medical Facilities 

The main functionality of the solution is the localization of medical equipment. With infsoft MedEquip Tracking, objects of different sizes – such as endoscopes, IV pumps, ECG devices, or wheelchairs – can be located. The user can view the current location and movement profiles over time. In addition to this information, it is possible to store additional properties of the device (date of acquisition, assigned station, next maintenance date, etc.), and configure automatic notifications. Another use case is the positioning of hospital beds. The connection to the bed software optionally enables obtaining information on the current occupancy or settings of the bed.

All relevant data on the individual assets are displayed in a comprehensive dashboard. In addition, the platform offers functions for grouping, sorting, and filtering objects.

Screenshot infsoft MedEquip Tracking
infsoft MedEquip Tracking: Real-time tracking and motion profiles

A reliable, automated inventory of the assets and usage and utilization analyses of the individual devices are possible with the collected data. These analyses, in turn, serve as the basis for data-driven decisions, for example, regarding new acquisitions or the allocation of appointments.

The integration of third-party systems, such as an inventory management system, can be realized via interfaces.

Intelligent Process Management

Another function of the solution is process automation through the definition of individual triggers and associated actions.

One example is sending a message when the maintenance date of a device is approaching. Another application scenario is the automatic status change of a bed, for example, when parked in the preparation unit. If a connection to the bed software is active, it can also be registered when a patient gets out of bed, and responsible personnel receives a notification. An alarm that is triggered when a device leaves the ward or hospital helps protect assets against theft. The possibilities are numerous and flexibly adaptable to the customer’s needs. Furthermore, the linking of different triggers or actions is possible.

Screenshot infsoft MedEquip Tracking
infsoft MedEquip Tracking: Lead Times

Overall, infsoft MedEquip Tracking helps create greater transparency regarding the availability and utilization of individual devices, avoid bottlenecks, enhance staff productivity and make work processes more efficient. In addition, cost savings can be realized for facility operators, and waiting times for patients can be reduced.

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