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infsoft Room Signage enables intelligent room signage with battery-powered E-Ink Display Beacons, which contributes to process automation and optimal space utilization in office buildings.

Digital signage of meeting rooms with E-Ink displays ensures better transparency at the workplace and optimal utilization of meeting rooms in the office. Relevant information about current and future meetings is always up to date and can be viewed at any time.

E-Ink Display Beacons for Digital Signage Solutions

For digital signage, infsoft relies on E-Ink displays, which are characterized by good readability and large viewing angles. In addition, the energy consumption is extremely low, even when the displayed information is changed several times a day. Consequently, the hardware components are long-lasting and low-maintenance. The displays are available in many different sizes and are suitable for a wide range of applications. The built-in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology allows flexible data transmission and optionally localization of the hardware.

The displays can be managed via the infsoft E-Inks software. The application provides a list of all the displays installed on the site, and the user can sort the entries and filter them according to relevant attributes. The intuitive user interface can also be used to register new displays or change the information on existing displays.

E-Ink display
E-Ink Display for Room Signage

Smart Room Signage in Offices

The content of the e-ink display can be tailored to the requirements of the individual client. In addition to sample templates, infsoft also offers its customers the option of using their own layouts. The type of information, the scope and the design can thus be flexibly chosen.

In addition to manual labeling of displays via browser application or app, automatic updating of content is also possible. This function is particularly relevant in a dynamic working environment and helps to reduce operating costs. The automation of processes can be realized, for example, via an interface to the room booking system. This can ensure that the labeling on the meeting room is always up to date, even in the case of last-minute room bookings or changes.

The actual occupancy of the meeting room can also be considered when it comes to automatic room signage. The current occupancy can be determined using sensors. When the room is not occupied for a certain time after the meeting has started or when the participants have left early, then the room can either be released automatically or a message can be sent to the organizer. The organizer can then choose to release the room or continue to block it. If they do not respond, the room is automatically released. When necessary, it is also possible to send an automated message to the cleaning or catering staff when a meeting has ended ahead of time.

If employees have a Workplace Experience app, they can also scan a QR code on the E-Ink display with their mobile device and be forwarded directly to the room overview screen inside the app. They can then effortlessly book the room for any available time slot.

infsoft E-Inks dashboard
infsoft E-Inks dashboard: Overview of installed displays

Further Application Scenarios

E-Ink displays are not only suitable for labeling meeting rooms. Other possible application fields include labeling of lockers at the workplace or signage of treatment and patient rooms in hospitals.

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