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With the infsoft AI Occupancy Sensor, infsoft offers an intelligent solution for efficient space management that ensures precise occupancy detection and high data security.

Ingolstadt-based full-service provider infsoft has introduced the AI Occupancy Sensor, a hardware device that enables intelligent identification of people and objects through an integrated optical sensor. The AI Occupancy Sensor enables sophisticated analysis of particular areas, where the sensor captures images that are then analyzed and evaluated using artificial intelligence while conforming to privacy regulations. The hardware component is flexible and can be used in various scenarios.

Functionality and Used Technologies

The infsoft AI Occupancy Sensor utilizes advanced technology to accurately detect the presence of people and objects within its illuminated area, which spans approximately 50 square meters when mounted on the ceiling at a height of 2.40 meters. The server regulates the process of capturing images at regular intervals. Additionally, the built-in PIR sensor can initiate image recording spontaneously when it detects motion. The data set is transmitted to an infsoft Locator Node Gateway using Bluetooth Low Energy and subsequently relayed to the infsoft LocAware platform® through a secure connection. The image is analyzed using an AI model in the volatile memory of the platforms, and the outcomes are subsequently stored. The image is discarded and remains permanently inaccessible. By identifying passive indicators of occupancy, such as laptops, keyboards, and coffee cups, as well as any changes in their placement, workstation resources can be marked as occupied even in the absence of any individuals.

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Image Evaluation and Data Protection

The infsoft AI Occupancy Sensor combines advanced AI algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze images, ensuring precise detection of individuals and objects. “Ensuring the protection and security of data is of utmost importance to us,” emphasized Tobias Donaubauer, CEO of infsoft GmbH. The hardware, when used in combination with the infsoft LocAware platform®, guarantees secure data transmission and exclusively retains results such as individual identification numbers and object classifications. The platform does not store images, but instead temporarily retains them for analysis by the artificial intelligence before being discarded. Administrators and other users are unable to access or view the images. This strategy ensures the absence of personal data retention, thereby safeguarding the privacy of users. Companies can thus ensure that the data collected complies with the relevant data protection regulations.

Infsoft Occupancy Analytics Dashboard

Installation and Application

The infsoft AI Occupancy sensors provide an additional benefit due to their straightforward and adaptable installation process. The sensor, which operates on battery power and can record approximately 30,000 times before needing to be recharged, can be easily attached to room ceilings using the magnetic mount provided. This feature makes it ideal for analyzing occupancy and utilization patterns in various work environments such as offices and conference rooms. Additional uses include inventory management within industrial organizations.

infsoft press AI Occupancy Sensor

Technical information and application examples are available at the following link:


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