fraport sign translator

The FRA app developed by infsoft for the Frankfort Airport has been updated: The Sign Translator was added in version 2.4. Travelers can use the app to scan airport signs and translate them into Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Korean or Spanish.

The Sign Translator function is based on a library freely available from Google. It can be run directly from the phone saving data volumes. The app filters out the relevant text from the scanned sign and compares it to the database in which all potential signs have been saved. The translation function has a wide tolerance range: It merely needs to recognize 50 percent of the letters. It then sends just a few kilobytes of text to the server instead of the complete image, which reduces the response time to a minimum.

The selection of the languages provided is geared towards the number of passengers and their language knowledge. It can also be easily upgraded with additional languages. Other new features of the FRA app 2.4 include the display of wait times at security checkpoints and automatic positioning. Proven functions include an interactive airport map with all important POIs, a personal airport guide, parking info, arrivals and departures, and other services, as well as the display of bookmarked flights and change notifications. Together with the free WiFi at the Frankfurt Airport, this app makes traveling more comfortable and easier.

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