Industries Using Indoor Positioning

Indoor positioning and related services are not restricted to any specific industry, the fields of applications are limitless. We introduce you to the most important industries and show you how an indoor positioning system can be deployed there.

logistics industry

Industry & Logistics

A Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) provides location-relevant data and helps streamline logistics processes.

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automotive industry

Automotive & Assembly

Services related to indoor positioning ensure smooth production processes in the automotive industry.

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travel and transportation industry

Travel & Transportation

infsoft technology can be used for indoor navigation and for monitoring passenger flows, for example.

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mining and construction industry

Mining & Construction

Indoor tracking can be used during the construction and maintenance of tunnels and other structures.

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healthcare industry

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories and other healthcare facilities benefit from the implementation of a real-time locating system (RTLS).

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offices and smart buildings

Offices & Smart Buildings

In smart buildings (e.g. office environments), real-time tracking solutions can simplify internal processes and lead to cost savings.

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retail industry

Retail & Consumption

In retail, solutions for indoor positioning not only deliver added value for customers, but also help coordinate internal processes.

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tourism sector

Leisure & Tourism

The use of real-time locating systems offers the opportunity to promote additional sales and improve the travel experience for customers.

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