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The hardware infrastructure is an essential factor for the success of an RTLS project. infsoft Planner is a tool that supports the user in determining optimal installation points for infsoft Locator Nodes and infsoft Locator Beacons and can thus greatly facilitate the planning and installation process.

Planning of the hardware infrastructure

infsoft Planner dashboard: Planning of the hardware infrastructure

The infsoft Planner tool can be used to ensure the optimal placement of hardware for a positioning project. After the user has defined the distance at which the hardware is to be installed (e.g. every 5 meters), auxiliary lines can be drawn in the building plan with just a few clicks. Based on these lines, the required hardware is automatically planned at the desired distance and taking into account the room structures. At a glance, users can see the number of hardware units required for the current floor and for the entire building.

Share function

infsoft Planner dashboard: Share function

The generated data on the planned hardware infrastructure can be shared at any time. Via the Share button, the information can be made available for a specified period of time (e.g. for a week or a month).

Optimized workflows for installation

infsoft Planner: 3D map view showing installation points

The generated share link provides a 2D/3D map view of the planned hardware infrastructure. This overview can be an important tool for setting up a power/internet network at the designated installation points. It also simplifies the workflow for customers who want to install the hardware on their own.