infsoft Tracking

The infsoft Tracking engine enables you to visualize the position of specific devices in real time. You can add attributes to a device (e.g. mail address, name etc.), organize devices in groups and send push notifications to selected users. The engine can also be used for asset tracking and can be linked with other tools such as the infsoft Automation Engine to define alerts when a device enters/leaves a defined area.

The data from infsoft Tracking can also be used in third-party systems via Web Services.

infsoft Tracking at a glance:

Product sheet: infsoft Tracking

infsoft Indoor Tracking in Real-time
Real-time view of the location
infsoft Tracking provides a real-time overview of all registered assets and displays them on the map. The platform abstracts from the data source and can, for example, visualize the position information from smartphone apps, detections by infsoft Locator Nodes (WiFi, BLE, UWB etc.) or third-party systems such as Cisco, HP Aruba and Xirrus. It is possible to switch between the single view or the representation in groups of combined devices at any time.

infsoft Indoor Tracking: Search and filtering function
Search and filtering function
The WebEngine and the infsoft Tracking App offer a comfortable search, which includes all device properties. In addition, the different assets can be grouped together in groups, so that a clear presentation and simple filtering for the user is possible. In addition to grouping using namespaces, hierarchical structures are also supported. An import from third party systems is possible.

infsoft Indoor Tracking: Device-specific motion profiles

Device-specific motion profiles
In addition to real-time information on the location of the device, historical movement data can also be retrieved in freely definable periods of time. infsoft Tracking displays the path graphically on the map and provides additional information about the duration of your stay along the route.

infsoft Indoor Tracking: Assignment of Device Properties

Assignment of device properties
Based on the location, properties can be automatically assigned to the device in interaction with the infsoft Automation Engine. This can be for example the stay in different sectors as well as the chronological order and the length of stay. You can also define other properties such as an inventory number or similar. manually or automatically via interfaces to third-party systems.

infsoft Indoor Tracking: Asset Registration and Management
Asset registration and management
With infsoft Tracking, assets can be managed and added at any time. A new registration of devices can be done either manually in the platform or via an automatic import. The automatic integration of devices supports not only third-party systems such as SAP but also infsoft Locator Nodes, so that all information of the signal generator is ready in advance.