Indoor Analytics in Real Time

The analysis software from infsoft can be added to existing indoor positioning/indoor navigation systems (client-based or server-based) or set up independently of this. The technology recognizes end user devices, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth transmitters, RFID and Ultra-wideband tags and measures the time spent in which location and which routes were used. For example, this enables you to find out how many people pass a certain spot during the day or which hours of the day or week are the least busy. The movements of objects, e.g. work equipment, goods or products can also be measured along with the walking paths of visitors. The data is displayed in easy-to-understand web interface in the form of diagrams and heat maps, enabling easy evaluation and further processing.

Application Examples for Indoor Analytics

infsoft Indoor Analytics provides helpful information for business decisions. For example, a retailer can determine how successfully their current layout draws customers’ attention to a specific offer. Operators of a shopping mall can make rents in different areas dependent on the respective visitor numbers. A museum director can establish which works of art are especially popular and whether optimization is necessary in the guided tours. Trade fair organizers can measure visitor numbers at individual points of the premises and base area prices using this information. The driving routes of machinery on factory grounds can be measured and visualized so that optimizations can be developed.

Data Protection and Technical Requirements for Indoor Analytics

When indoor navigation from infsoft is being used, you can work directly with the analysis software. The mobile devices of users that have installed the corresponding app send their position to the server on a regular basis. No personal data are captured, so that infsoft Indoor Analytics can be used in compliance with data protection regulations.

Infsoft App And Locator Node

If you are not using an indoor positioning system from infsoft or you want to generate a wider database, then we recommend server-based data collectioninfsoft Locator Nodes are used for this. Thanks to their modular approach, they can not only track smartphones via server, but also beacons, Wi-Fi tags, Ultra-wideband tags or RFID tags. The Locator Nodes can also be equipped with a GPS module for self-positioning or a connection to an external camera system. Integration with a third party system such as Cisco (CMX, MSE, Meraki), Xirrus or HP Aruba is also possible.

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