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In large buildings or on wide campus areas, there are many destinations that visitors and employees want to reach. A smartphone app helps users to get to the desired location quickly and easily. infsoft Wayfinding can be used in buildings such as hospitals, airports and office complexes across indoor and outdoor areas.

In order to implement the solution, battery-powered hardware components are installed at regular intervals throughout the building. The position is determined directly in an app on the user's smartphone.

The use of our setup tools is included in the solution. With infsoft Maps Editor, infsoft CMS, infsoft Routes and infsoft Calibration, the application can be flexibly configured according to the customer's needs. Using our SDK (Software Development Kit) it is also possible to integrate the technology into existing applications. For office environments, infsoft Wayfinding can be integrated into a Workplace Experience app.

infsoft Wayfinding: Digital 2D/3D Building Map

Digital 2D/3D Building Map

The app provides 2D and 3D maps of the individual floors of all buildings on the site. The user can see their own location as well as relevant destinations on the premises.

infsoft Wayfinding: Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Turn-by-Turn Navigation

The user can be navigated to any destination on the site. Using turn-by-turn navigation, the user follows the directional instructions displayed in the wayfinding app.

infsoft Wayfinding: Information about Points of Interest

Information about Points of Interest

In addition to the position of the destinations, further information about them can be found. This may include a brief description, opening hours and contact details.

Technical Implementation

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons (or infsoft Locator Beacons) are installed at regular intervals throughout in the building. The beacons emit signals which are received by the users' smartphones. Based on the received signals, the position of the device is determined directly in the smartphone app.

Inside the app, the user can select a navigation destination and follow the directional instructions to their destination.

Required Hardware

Locator Beacon

Locator Beacon

This battery-powered Bluetooth hardware component is particularly suitable if further localization systems such as a tracking solution are planned at some point in the future.

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BLE Beacons

BLE Beacon

Small, unobtrusive and energy-efficient Bluetooth Low Energy hardware, which is used when exclusively a navigation solution is implemented.

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Cost Example

One-Time Investment


Includes App for iOS and Android, hardware, 800 Locator Beacons incl. mounting bracket, project management, initial data import, digitization, route graphs etc.
The number of users is unlimited.

Annual Costs


Operation, maintenance and hosting including use of the tools infsoft Maps Editor, infsoft CMS, infsoft Routes, infsoft Calibration with unlimited number of content updates, technical adaptation of the application to ensure technical functionality during operating system updates.

  There will be additional costs for the integration of extensions such as a Colleague Finder feature.

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