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Diverse solutions and applications in intelligent offices lead to a more pleasant and productive working day for employees. From a business perspective, the main potential lies in saving costs and optimizing processes. In addition, it increases employee satisfaction and leads to higher productivity and lower fluctuation.

It is also possible to integrate the technology into existing applications via SDK (Software Development Kit). In the following, the possibilities that a digital employee app offers and how it can enrich everyday life in the company are described. In addition, the product infsoft Room Environment can be integrated into the app.

infsoft Workplace Experience App: Travel Information / Mobility

Travel Information / Mobility

Already during the journey the employee can be offered a higher comfort with an app. By linking to parking garage information, company shuttle schedules and public transport, the user gets a quick overview of the possibilities for getting there.

infsoft Workplace Experience App: Wayfinding


Navigation at the site makes orientation easier for employees, visitors and guests. The basic function provides an interactive map of the entire site, including all buildings, which are available with all floors. This is supplemented by a search function including category assignments. In addition, extensions are possible in many ways.

infsoft Workplace Experience App: Room Booking

Room Booking

All functions related to meetings can be organized in the “Meeting” tab. This could include POIs organized in categories such as meeting rooms or think tanks as well as information on specific meeting rooms, their availability, equipment and capacity or direct booking. Sorting according to geographical distance is one way to increase efficiency.

infsoft Workplace Experience App: Social

Communication / Social Connection

A tab like “Social” can cover different aspects of socializing and interacting with each other. In example news and events, chat functions (live chat but also with chat bots) or the SkillFinder can be organized here.

infsoft Workplace Experience App: Dining and Food Options

Dining & Food Options

Here you will find all information about canteens, cafés, snack and coffee machines on the company premises. Menus can be viewed, and navigation can be called up. This function can also be individually extended at the customer's request, for example to integrate orders, mobile payment systems or evaluations.

Required Hardware

Locator Beacon

Locator Beacon

This battery-operated Bluetooth hardware component is particularly suitable if further localization systems such as a tracking solution are planned in the future.

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BLE Beacons

BLE Beacon

Small, inconspicuous and energy-efficient Bluetooth Low Energy Hardware, which is used when only a navigation solution is implemented.

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