Positioning Technologies, Condition Monitoring, and Hardware Products for Indoor Localization

Get an overview of the different sensors real-time locating systems and condition monitoring systems can be based on, and discover our flexible hardware products – infsoft Locator Nodes, infsoft Locator Beacons, infsoft UWB Tags and infsoft E-Ink Display Beacons.

teaser positioning technologies

Positioning Technologies

Indoor positioning can rely on different technologies – the most common ones are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy, Ultra-wideband and RFID.

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teaser condition monitoring

Condition Monitoring

Continuous real-time monitoring with the help of condition sensing devices allows for intelligent process and system control.

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teaser receiver hardware

Receiver Hardware

infsoft receiver hardware includes infsoft Locator Nodes 1100, infsoft Locator Nodes AoA 1200, infsoft Locator Nodes 1400 and infsoft Locator Beacons.

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teaser transmitter hardware

Transmitter Hardware

Possible transmitter hardware includes infsoft E-Ink display beacons, infsoft UWB tags, BLE 4.0/5.1 tags and LoRa/BLE tags.

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